Our Club meets on the first & third Tuesdays at 6:45 p.m. Meeting place October – May is at Crowne Plaza Hotel on Fort Couch Rd. and June – September at our Lions’ Park located on Irishtown Road.

To become a member of a Lions Club you must be of legal majority, of good moral character and have a good reputation in the community; be recommended by a current Lion; be willing to attend meetings regularly and agree to help at fundraisers when possible. If you are interested in SERVING your community then LIONS is your club. For more information contact us by sending us your name, address and phone number by EMAIL and a Lion will contact you.

BETHEL PARK LIONS CLUB was originally organized as the Lions Club of Bethel Township on December 9, 1942, and the Charter was presented by District Governor Dr. Earl G. Bauman on February 9, 1943. Allen R. Reid was Charter President and Victor S. Pearson was charter Secretary. Following is an excerpt from the minutes of the first regular Club meeting held on December 8, 1942 at Lacher’s Restaurant:

“Those in attendance decided to organize a local Lions Club after hearing remarks by E. G. Moyer (International Representative), Dr. Arthur S. Haines (International Director), and Dr. Earl G. Bauman (District Governor), and a number of members from the Wilkinsburg and McKeesport Lions Clubs. They decided to have forty Charter Members in the Club. They decided to meet on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. Officers were elected for the Club, and a number of committees were appointed.”

The Charter Presentation was held at Library Baptist Church on February 9, 1943, and the following is from the minutes:

“The banquet was a big success. We were visited by two O. P. A. agents whose names will not appear on the guest register as they did not enter the Church, but they did take our car license numbers. Lion Grogan of the Wilkinsburg Lions Club rendered a novel selection on the piano by playing Yankee Doodle with his left hand, Dixie with his right hand, Mary had a Little Lamb with his thumbs, and sang ‘Way Down Upon the Suwanee river, all at the same time! Miss McNary’s solos were well received. It would have been hard to improve on the meal.”

Subsequent minutes show that the trouble with the O. P. A. was finally resolved, and Lion Shanahan at the March 9th meeting “suggested that we get started on something constructive.” This suggestion has certainly been carried out during the past years, from Victory Gardens and War Loan Promotions to help for the deaf and blind, to Bethel Lions Park. In 1953, largely through the efforts of Lion Lawrence A. Layton, the Club received a charter as a Pennsylvania non-profit corporation called The Lions Club of Bethel Borough. In 1964 the name was officially changed to Bethel Park Lions Club.

Quite a few Bethel Park Lions have served the District, including the Charter President, Lion Allan R. Reid, who was Zone Chairman; Edward T. Colteryahn, Deputy District Governor; Ronald G. Bugos, Deputy District Governor; Joseph Williams, Zone Chairman; Charles M. Keeling, Zone Chairman and Malcolm F. Lovejoy, District Governor 1958-59; Carl L. Batistone, District Governor 1989-90 and PA Lions State Council Chair 1990-91 and as International Director 1998-2000; Dr. Jay R. Wells III, District Governor 2007-08 and PA Lions State Council Chair 2008-09.

High point of the Club’s membership was April of 1954 when the Club had 147 members. Presently our club has 61 members.

1942-43  Allen Reid *
1943-44  James J. Shaw  +
1944-45  P. S. Edwards +
1945-46  Merle D. Long +
1946-47  E. T. Colteryahn +
1947-48  Albert M. Roeser +
1948-49  James C. Simmons
1949-50  W. Homard Young +
1950-51  Malcolm F. Lovejoy, PDG +
1951-52  Walter E. Adlard *
1952-53  Frank J. Graham +
1953-54  Milton E. Hamel +
1954-55  William A. Tissue +
1955-56  Dr. J. S. Schnabel
+1956-57  Lawrence A. Layton *
1957-58  William C. Yount *
1958-59  James E. Hindes +
1959-60  Joseph J. George +
1960-61  Halsey E. Harmon *
1961-62  Wesley E. Kerlin +
1962-63  Frank J. Baker +
1963-64  Ollie S. Gee +
1964-65  John S. McCabe +
1965-66  Ray H. Karper +
1966-67  William L. Schnabel +
1967-68  Francis A. Imber +
1968-69  Ronald G. Bugos #
1969-70  Richard H. Hauser *
1970-71  W. S. Weissgerber *
1971-72  D. C. Hutchinson *
1972-73  John M. Coffey *
1973-74  L. Ronald Lewis #
1974-75  Charles M. Keeling *
1975-76  George Perich, Jr. +
1976-77  William C. Baker *
1977-78  Simon D. Dodson *
1978-79  Joseph C. Clark *
1979-80  William E. Fox +
1980-81  T. Blake Parker *
1981-82  David Livingston +
1982-83  James R. Willison
1983-84  Reno Virgili
1984-85  Joseph A. Bayto *
1985-86  Carl L. Battistone, PID
1986-87  Robert G. Friend, PDG
1987-88  Dr. P. G. Lorincy *
1988-89  Harry L. Vilsack
1989-90  Louis J. Cain *
1990-91  Raymond A. Friend +
1991-92  Dr. Jay R. Wells III, PCC
1992-93  James L. Flinn, Jr.
1993-94  Dr. J. M. Wehner
1994-95  John P. McCrorey +
1995-96  Robert S. Ridge +
1996-97  Jim Manion
1997-98  Pete Agnew *
1998-99  Patricia A. Friend +
1999-00  Robert G. Friend, PDG
2000-01  Charles R. Diehm
2001-02  Reno Virgili
2002-03  James P. Hannan
2003-04  John Andrejko
2004-05  James Willison
2005-06  Robert McKnight
2006-07  Robert Pflueger
2007-08  Susan Fornadel
2008-09  James Drew
2009-10  Jack Boyle
2010-11  Nancy Wells
2011-12  Jim Perrine
2012-13  Judith Willison
2013-14  Robert Pflueger



Fred Armen
Frank J. Baker
Clyde R. Beam *
Harry Beck
Neal M. Beck
Howard M. Brenholts
Fred C. Brown
Anthony F. Calabro
Edward M. Case
Clyde W. Cropp
Thomas A. Davis *
Dr. Emmitt Davis *
John P. Deams
Arthur H. Depelheuer
Thomas C. Edmunds
P. Seddan Edwards *
Max F. Ensslin
Henry O Ertman
Robert G. Fawcett
Lawrence W. Fife
Samuel M. Fife
Nicholas A. Forester
William E. Fox PDG
Albert J. Freyvogel *
Patricia A. Friend
Raymond A. Friend
Oliver S. Gee
John L. Gitnik
George W. Gleason
Cleon L. Goodwin
Milton E. Hamel
Ray H. Harper
William G. Hartman
Donald Hast
Robert M. Hayes
Robert E. Heck
John D. Helmlinger
William S. Henderson
Paul L. Henney
James M. Heuflings
Edgar M. Hicks
Frank M. Hootman
John P. Hultz *
Dr. John L. Humphreys
Francis A. Imber
Joseph A. Jones
Richard A. Katreeb
Louis R. Keppel
James R. Kirby
Raymond T. Kirkey
John A. Kilger
Harry S. Klages
Raymond F. Klinzing
Herman Kneel
Burton F. Laird
Donald G. Lauck *
Arthur S. Lauderbaugh
Lawrence A. Layton
David Livingston
Malcom F. Lovejoy PDG
H. Roland Maits *
Merton M. Marks
Harry Martin
Louis J. Masson
John S. McCabe
David A. McCombs *
John P. McCorey
George W. McKee
George Meyer
Matthew W. Oliver
Louis D. Pane
Peter J. Page
Anthony Palmieri
Leonard L. Peloubet
George Perich Jr.
James H. Piert, Jr.
Robert V. Price
Victor B. Price *
George A. Rauch Jr.
Donald A. Roberts *
Thomas Rock
Marshall F. Root
John Sadler
Dr. John S. Schnabel
William L. Schnabel
James E. Simmons
Edward J. Shanahan *
Earl K. Shuey
Theodore Slater
Alvin Smith
Joseph W. Sparte
Robert E. Stevenson
Frank Stewart
Gordon P. Thompson
Glen Troutman
Paul A. Trylko
John W. Waddle
John L. Weber
H. Elmer Whitmyre
W. Howard Young
Nancy Wells

The following persons have been signally honored by being named Melvin Jones Fellows. This has been accomplished either through action by the Board of Directors in making a contribution to the Lions Clubs International Foundation (L.C.I.F.), or by similar action by individuals. It is the hope of the members of the Club that one or more Melvin Jones Fellows can be added to this list each year


1985  Malcolm F. Lovejoy, PDG +
1987  William E. Fox, PDG +
1988  Ray F. Klinzing *
1989  Scott Albert Marlowe
1990  Carl L. Battistone, PCC, PID
1990  L. McClure Lanning
1991  Thomas A. Davies +*
1991  Oliver S. Gee +*
1992  Alvin F. Smith +*
1993  Raymond A. Friend +
1994  Mildred Smith
1994  John A. Kilger +
1994  David Livingston +
1994  Patricia A. Friend +
1994  Robert G. Friend, PDG +
1995  Frank M. Hootman +
1995  Paul L. Henney +
1995  Fred Armen +
1995  Cliff Morton
1996  Dr. John S. Schnabel +
1996  John L. Weber, Jr. +
1997  Ruth Battistone
1998  Arline L. Fox
2000  Harry Martin
2002  Bernie Hubert
2006 Roy W. Smith
2006  Domenick Battistone, Jr.
2008  Jack Boyle
2008  Robert W. Kernicky
2008  James R. Willison
2008  Jack McKee
2008  Charles R. Diehm
2009  Robert Pflueger
2013  Nancy Wells